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Hello there. We want to help you reduce your phone bill and toss your cell phone contract for good. We will help you find a no-contract, prepaid phone plan that fits your needs and saves you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars each year. Prepaid plans aren't just for those that don't qualify for a traditional plan, they represent freedom for all!

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About Phones. About Us.

We had an idea.

An idea of freedom.

To free those living in the good ol' USA from burdensome and expensive cellular phone contracts. An idea to bring prepaid phone plans to the masses. To connect you, the reader, the public, with a phone plan that suits your needs without the chains of a phone contract.

Not only to free, but to also save you hundreds, perhaps even thousdands of dollars in cellular phone costs.

Many smartphone users pay $100 or more a month for their limited talk+data plan. Most people could easily reduce these bills by $40, $50, even $65 a month and still have all of their needs met.

Many regular phone users pay $50 a month for their limited talk or talk+text plan. Most people could reduce their bills with a prepaid, no contract plan that provides them with exactly the service they need at the lowest possible price.

So don't wait, investigate. See if you too can experience a cut in your phone bill that will free you from your contract and keep more money in your wallet.