Save up to $105 a month

You could be paying $90-130 each month for your smartphone bill.  You can get the same, or better service on the same or better network for a fraction of that cost, $25-50 a month!

Keep your coverage

No compromise on coverage; choose the coverage you need on any of the "Big 4" carrier's networks.

No Contract Freedom

No contract - freedom to switch carriers, phones, plans at any time!

Save money on your phone, without compromise.

Join 36,000,000+ who have dropped their contracts.

Get the plan you need.

Answer 4 simple questions, and compare.

  • Typical Plan

  • $100 month
    • 4GB Data
    • Unlimited Talk
    • Unlimited Texting
    • Nationwide Network
    • Contract w/ ETF
    • Latest Phones
    • 2 Year Cost $2400
  • Replace

Featured Carriers

Bring Your Own Phone

You can keep your phone when moving to the carrier that is right for you. Or, you can get a new phone. After all, you'll be able to afford it with all the savings!

Great new phones available

Want to get the latest iPhone or Android phone? No problem!

Unlimited Plans Available

Tired of the big carriers getting rid of unlimited plans? When you go no-contract, you can remove all the limits!

You may have fallen into the same trap that most Americans do – overpaying for your cellular phone services. It’s an easy thing to do; but it’s also easy to get rid of your contract and save significant money every single month.

Answer 4 simple questions, and take a look at your options. Depending on your needs, we’ll suggest cell phone plans that meet your needs, and won’t leave you wishing you were still with the “big guys”.

You might be wondering how this is possible; you might even be skeptical about this – how can I get the same service for less? Well, for one thing, there is now freedom in the marketplace, which is driving prices down. Also, many of these alternative carriers (that run on the same networks as the “big guys”) don’t have storefronts to maintain, don’t spend huge amounts of money on advertising, etc.

So don’t wait, find the plan that fits your needs, and see if you too can experience a cut in your phone bill and keep more money in your wallet.



What our users say

I'm saving hundreds of dollars a year with Republic Wireless. Thanks, Phone Bill Cut! Thankful Housewife
I love the freedom of not having a contract. No early termination fees here! Happy Engineer
Saving hundreds of dollars a year lets me save up for things that really matter. Middle Class Money Saver
Service is actually better than the major carrier we were under contract with - for less than half the price! Grateful Married Couple

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