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Easily save $1704 on your cell phone bill

Money, Cell Phone and Soda

What average people pay for their cell phone bill

The average iPhone owner in the United States pays $111 a month for their cellular phone bill, according to Consumer Reports. $111!

$111 a month adds up to $2644 over two years. $2644!

It’s no wonder that telecommunications companies in the United States are making enormous profits.

Don’t be average – save thousands on your cell phone bill

Instead of paying $111 a month, these average iPhone owners could instead be paying a cell phone bill of $40 a month.

…All while retaining coverage on a nationwide network, unlimited talk/text, and a nice amount of data 2.5 GB of 4G data.  (This plan happens to be a plan by Cricket wireless, who uses the AT&T network.)

Paying $40 a month instead of $111 a month saves $71 a month.  $71!

Saving $71 a month gives you $1704 left over after two years.  $1704!

Is there a catch?  Do I need to sign a contract?  How can this be?

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