Easily save $1704 on your cell phone bill

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What average people pay for their cell phone bill

The average iPhone owner in the United States pays $111 a month for their cellular phone bill, according to Consumer Reports. $111!

$111 a month adds up to $2644 over two years. $2644!

It’s no wonder that telecommunications companies in the United States are making enormous profits.

Don’t be average – save thousands on your cell phone bill

Instead of paying $111 a month, these average iPhone owners could instead be paying a cell phone bill of $40 a month.

…All while retaining coverage on a nationwide network, unlimited talk/text, and a nice amount of data 2.5 GB of 4G data.  (This plan happens to be a plan by Cricket wireless, who uses the AT&T network.)

Paying $40 a month instead of $111 a month saves $71 a month.  $71!

Saving $71 a month gives you $1704 left over after two years.  $1704!

Is there a catch?  Do I need to sign a contract?  How can this be?

There is no catch.

There are no contracts.

All of this is made possible by a variety of factors, including:

You.  You are here, unlocking the secret cellular plans

Once you know the “secret” that you can save hundreds, yea, thousands of dollars on your cell phone bill, you will have unlocked a variety of “secret” plans that alternative and big-name carriers are offering.

There is a price war going on, just waiting for you to engage and stop paying so much money to the “Big 4”.


  • AIO Wireless (AT&T),
  • Total Wireless (Verizon),
  • Cricket (AT&T) and
  • Boost (Sprint)

See that list?  The major carriers know that people are fleeing their normal contract plans and are offering a variety of lower cost, “secret” options to retain subscribers.

Not paying for Advertising (no Super Bowl ads)

Alternative carriers don’t spend nearly as much money on advertising.  That $111 you pay for your iPhone cell phone bill every month on one of the big carriers?  Lots of that goes towards advertising.  Count how many advertisements you see for the “Big 4” carriers next time you surf the internet or watch TV.

No Real Estate

Many no-contract and prepaid carriers offer their product at stores, but they don’t own & operate them.  This saves you from paying their mortgage via your cellular phone bill every month.

Optimized Customer Service

This varies between carriers.  But to be completely upfront, some alternative carriers have great customer service, and some have horrible customer service.   If you are scared of horrible customer service (and who isn’t) – know this: If you hate the carrier you pick, just port your number somewhere else and switch!  There are no contracts.

How do I get started with saving?

  1. Visit the Phone Bill Cut cell phone plan search engine, that will help you compare plans that fit your needs.
  2. Enter your needs for talk/text/data & coverage, tell us what kind of phone you like to use.
  3. Pick a carrier from one of several money-saving options for you to browse and consider.  Port your number, and keep your phone if you would like.
  4. Start saving thousands on your cell phone bill.  Then, you can pay off debt, buy groceries, go on a vacation, save – whatever you want – it’s your money!

If you haven’t given our plan finder a try – you have no obligation, nothing to lose.  Compare plans today and see how much you could save!

As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to get back with you.

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